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Updates from the Caatinga: Poaching detected

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We are back from Fazenda Tamanduá Private Nature and Heritage Reserve, where we have been monitoring the tiger cat and jaguarundi population. We checked the cameras and switched batteries and memory cards. Unfortunately we found poaching signs, and we suffered from steal of equipment. Furthermore lots of domestic dogs and domestic cats showed up at the same cameras where tiger cats were detected. We are now coordinating with the reserve authorities for more law enforcement efforts, and more patrolling rounds at night to detect and deter poachers. We are also analyzing the spatial distribution of the domestic carnivores in order to develop mitigation measures. 

We are back!

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The ongoing pandemic has not completely stopped our actions at Mirador State Park, the key conservation area for the northern tiger cat. We are joining forces with governmental actors so that we can return to our environmental education and fieldwork activities. Under the current pandemic scenario (classes, law enforcement, and other activities are paralyzed), joining efforts will be a key mechanism for environmental and social engagement of rural communities in the park and will contribute to the fulfillment of governmental compromises with the park. There will be also direct benefits for wildlife conservation within the park. This way we will recover some of the lost time due to the pandemic.


Back in the field after the pandemic:

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